A short history of the Stadtkapelle Purkersdorf

The band as it exists today was founded in autumn 1986. The founding members were: Dr. Franz Popp (chairperson from 1986 to 2002), Johann Bösendorfer (music director from 1986 to 2004) and Herbert Pscheidt. The ensemble offers music accompaniment to almost all local customs be it Maypole raisings or carnival festivities.

The town band was first mentioned in 1923, when it was founded as a secret railway band. About two thirds of the entire staff of the federal railway played in the band wearing traditional railway uniforms.
Already at that time the ensemble took part in public and church events. It was, however, unfortunately a public performance that caused its break-up. In 1968 when Purkersdorf received its town charter, town officials and functionaries were unable to find agreement on the nature of the performance. Thus the town band vanished for almost twenty years.

It was only in 1986 that a re-foundation of the band was started, which called for an entirely new organization of the Stadtkapelle Purkersdorf.
Immediately after the constituting meeting on October 20th, 1986, work on the difficult set-up began. It was to assure the training of musicians by band members as well as the acquisition of monetary funds for the future. Music director Johann Bösendorfer managed to organize this band and it has become an essential feature of Purkersdorf.

The new Stadtkapelle Purkersdorf had its first major appearance on TV in a quiz show on September 22nd, 1990. On that occasion the musicians got their blue uniforms. Two journeys to their twin town Bad Säckingen, Germany, followed. Since 1989 the ensemble has taken part in concert tournaments and marching band competitions every year. And every year in April there has been a spring concert. Since January 2001 the band has organized its own annual ball in Purkersdorf.

One of the major tasks of the Stadtkapelle is the training of new musicians. And there is a musicians’ home available in one of the municipal buildings.

It was mere coincidence that the partnership to the Banda Musicale Arquatese was established. Thus a renewed cultural exchange started which, no doubt, has been satisfying and prolific for both ensembles.

The following highlights are organized by the band during the year:
Early January: Musicians’ Ball; April: Spring Concert; early November: “Blasmusik-Heuriger” (wine tavern brass concert).
Since 2010 the “Blasmusik-Heuriger” has been replaced by a “Dirndlgwandsonntag” (National Costume Sunday) in September.

Chairpersons, music directors and “Stabführer” since the foundation of the Stadtkapelle


Franz Popp 1986–2002
Gregor Planche 2001–2007
Susi Bollauf 2007–2016
Werner Pleischl 2016 till today

Music directors

Johann Bösendorfer 1986–2004
Johannes Hofmann 2004–2012 *
Martin Rotter 2012–2016
Philip Nischkauer 2016 till today


Hans Eripek 1987–2001
Gregor Planche 2001–2007
Philip Nischkauer 2007 till today
  • In early 2009 the head of the music school Mauerbach Mag. Günter Jahoda became music director as well as director of the ensemble. However, he passed away unexpectedly during preparations for the spring concert in April 2009 and Johannes Hofmann resumed again this function.

Photos of the entire ensemble


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